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ProEx - Telehealth Hub

The future of telehealth has arrived.

The Visionflex ProEX goes way beyond video conferencing to deliver the next generation of remote medical care.

It means that however remote, healthcare professionals can now give patients a comprehensive medical examination to check for vital signs of serious illness.

Much more than just Video Conferencing:

• Live Video Examinations
• Digital Stethoscope
• Dictation
• ECG via Bluetooth
• Spirometry
• Ultrasound
• Pulse Oximetry
• Blood Pressure

** Check with us on availability of examination modes.

More diagnostic capabilities than ever before

HD medical grade camera

When the quality of the imagery can mean the difference between an accurate diagnosis and not, the GEIS full HD camera with high intensity LED illumination gives you more detail than ever before.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing technology on the ProEX allows patients and doctors to connect easily with world class sound and vision with via the internet.

Interchangeable medical probes

The ProEX supports a comprehensive range of interchangeable probes and accessories including endoscopic camera, LED light sources and the GEIS General Exam Camera.

Easy to use touchscreen

We understand that it’s not always possible to train every healthcare professional in every location.That’s why we’ve designed the ProEX to be as simple to use as possible.

Lightweight, compact & portable

Weighing less than 2.7 kilos and packing away into an easy to transport carry case, the ProEX has been designed to travel to the remotest locations with ease.

Now with electronic health record integration & HIPAA

For the first time you can now link seamlessly with your electronic health record system. With vital patient information at your fingertips, healthcare professionals can now give faster, more accurate diagnosis time and time again.

All patient data is also encrypted to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Full professional examinations anywhere in the world

If there is internet available then the ProEX can be used. Typical locations could include:

• Medical Centers • Rural & Remote Communities • Nursing Homes • Aged Care Facilities • Cruise Liners • Airports • Oil Rigs & Mining Camps • Merchant Navy • Military Camps • Detention Centers • Prisons


The benefits continue

Easy Annotations

Using the integrated touch screen or external keyboard (wired or Bluetooth), images and videos can be easily annotated with specific diagnostic information.

Easy to connect

The ProEX includes a variety of interfaces for external monitors or group presentations. This makes the ProEX perfect for educational presentations. Multiple video inputs allow the unit to be used with third party video sources such as endoscope cameras, ultrasound units, video ophthalmoscopes or slit lamp cameras.

Auto Back Up

The ProEX automatically backs up all of your vital examination data.
An external hard drive can also be connected for additional storage during recording of extended medical procedures.

Complete connectivity & security

Media and patient data are automatically synchronized between each of the ProEX units and the file server to ensure the devices are always up to date with the latest information.

Network connectivity from the ProEX can be hardwired or over WiFi.

When you are storing sensitive data you need the best storage and encryption available.

That’s why the ProEX is built around an advanced SQL database and all patient data is encrypted to comply with HIPAA requirements.

The VF-Sync software also includes technology for EHR integration via ‘HL7’ or ‘FHIR’.

The Server enables multiple ProEX Telehealth Hubs to be networked to a central repository thereby providing access to all media from any ProEX or PC on the same network.

  • Bi-directional communication between the server and the ProEX units.
  • Automatic synchronization of all media to the server.
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure and EHR.
  • Enhanced security of data with centralized storage.
  • Access media from anywhere through your secure browser.
  • Share media with patients and colleagues.

Note: * Integration to your EHR may require custom software development

Improved diagnostic accuracy.

The ProEX offers an examination mode allowing the operator to select from a number of integrated applications.

These applications or ‘Exam Modes’ are designed to work with specific hardware such as preselected ultrasound probes and digital stethoscopes to guarantee the best possible diagnostic results.

Only the highest quality peripheral devices have been selected for integration into the ProEX.

Using specific hardware also ensures consistency of image quality between ProEX units thereby enabling reliable diagnosis by local or remote physicians. All data is stored into the open ‘session’ within the patient file.

• Live Video Examinations
Digital Stethoscope
• Dictation
• ECG via Bluetooth
• Spirometry
• Ultrasound
• Pulse Oximetry
• Blood Pressure


Some examination modes are not yet available.

Enjoy the convenience of one single imaging hub.

The ProEX has inputs to capture DVI, HDMI, USB, CVBS & S-Video making it the ideal solution to connect all your new and legacy imaging systems.

Live video from any of these inputs can be streamed on the ProEX and recorded into the patient database. Video can also be fed through the integrated Video Conferencing portal for Telehealth consultations.

ProEx Telehealth Hub – Specifications

  • Display 25 cm (10.1”) high resolution touch-screen LCD
  • Colour depth 24 Bit = 16 million colours
  • Video inputs HDMI, DVI, BNC & S-Video Composite, USB (UVC)*
  • Video outputs HDMI, DVI, USB 2.0 (USB B) UVC
  • Audio inputs Microphone*, line In (standard 3.5mm mini jack)
  • Audio outputs Headphone*, line Out (standard 3.5mm mini jack)
  • Probes / front inputs 2 x USB 2.0*, special connector for camera handpiece
  • Network connections Gigabit Ethernet, RJ45 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
  • Power supply 110-240V 50-60Hz AC (with external medical grade power pack)
  • Power consumption 48 watts approximately
  • Built-in speakers 150Hz-12kHz, 1W, (for audio confirmation only, not for diagnosis)
  • Footswitch Standard 3.5mm mini jack*
  • Remote Control Hand held bluetooth remote control
  • Mechanical W: 280, H: 300, D: 140mm, weight: 3.7 kg (inc.R/C without accessories)
  • Environmental Storage: 0° to +60° C operating: 0° to +30° C
  • Media Integrated SSD or external USB hard drive
  • Image formats JPEG
  • Video format MPEG4
  • Audio format WAV LOSSLESS