WA Health Minister Roger Cook announces latest regional healthcare innovation

Building on the success of the award-winning Emergency Telehealth Service (ETS), the Western Australia Country Health Service Command Centre brings together new and existing services in a virtual clinical hub. Utilising a ProEX telehealth hub and other cutting-edge technology to provide 24/7 care for isolated patients throughout Western Australia.

Visionflex Featured on Nine News: Aussie tech helping doctors deliver care

Health Authorities across the country are embracing the latest ProEX Telehealth technology to bridge the distance between doctor and patient. NSW Minister for Jobs and Western Sydney, Mr Stuart Ayres meets with the Visionflex team at Nepean Hospital for a demonstration of their newly delivered ProEX units.

The ProEX Telehealth Hub was born in a van in Outback Queensland

In 2009 the ProEX predecessor “Flexicam” was installed into a van decorated with custom Aboriginal art to perform life-changing health assessments such as early detection of Otis Media in remote areas of QLD. Visionflex is proud to be involved with the Health-e-Piccaninnies Van, providing ongoing support and equipment upgrades from Flexicam to ProEX.

Telehealth Exam From Antarctica To India

In New Delhi, India over 600 attendees from 35 countries watch on as Dr Jan Wallace assesses Dawson Station mechanic Tom for a possible head and jaw injury. Using the Visionflex ProEX Hub to switch seamlessly from video-enabled glasses to a high-resolution dental probe you’d be forgiven for thinking they were right next door instead of some 15,000 kilometres away in the most remote region on earth: Antarctica.

Australia by Design Innovation – Visionflex ProEX

Innovation at its most simple is about bringing an idea to market, but the power comes when you link design to creativity which allows that innovation to answer a need we didn’t know we had.

Visionflex is proud to have been selected for our ProEX Telehealth Hub to be featured on TEN’s highly popular Australia by Design: Innovations. A series which aims to bring design excellence into the hearts and minds of Australians. 

State-Of-The-Art Telehealth Equipment in Remote NSW Village, Wanaaring

For residents of the Wanaaring region a trip to the doctor can mean 100’s of kilometres on bull dust roads in scorching heat. An innovative pilot program by the Royal Flying Doctors and NSW Health has us traveling 1200kms, much of it only accessible by 4WD, to install a ProEX Telehealth Hub in our specialised VF-Cabinet and bring these folks closer to the healthcare they deserve.

Hunter Correctional Centre ProEX Telehealth Trial A Success

“We’re more than happy,” says Julie Little, Manager of the Nursing Unit at Hunter Correctional. “Instead of having to describe a wound or rash the doctors can clearly see the issue and make a decision to send the patient to the hospital or just keep an eye on it.”

Julie’s team have been trialing the ProEX Telehealth Hub to allow doctors and specialists to conduct examinations of patients via video link.

“Reducing transports saves time and money and improves security to the community.”

Dr Chris Perry (left) and Mike Harman (right) shake hands over a job well done

ENT Dr Chris Perry Upgrades To HD Imaging

Dr Perry faced a dilemma: How can he upgrade his aging analog system to high definition for more accurate diagnosis in his practice without the cost and headache of replacing all of his cameras? Fortunately, Visionflex CEO Mike Harman had developed the perfect solution.

“I’ve been working with Mike and the team for over 15 years and once again, they’ve come up with terrific technology which is the perfect solution for my needs.” Dr Perry said.

“All of my older camera equipment now connect to the ProEX hubs in each of my rooms providing me with excellent quality images. I would recommend the team to anyone considering upgrading their camera technology or archiving systems”.

Visionflex is the proud recipient of the Building Partnerships Grant

The Building Partnerships Grants provides funding to partners to develop innovative, new-to-market solutions. To be successful the solution must use an enabling technology to address a compelling industry need. ‘Enabling Technologies’ are new technologies or new uses for existing technologies that enable new products, services, or more efficient processes.

In collaboration with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and NSW Health, Visionflex has developed the capability for the ProEX Telehealth Hub to be used in “unattended mode” where a local nurse is not available. The innovative “VF-Cabinet” has a remote unlock feature that allows the doctor in Broken Hill to unlock the cabinet remotely and give access to the patient for a self-examination via video conferencing.

The second stage of the Visionflex project to bring telehealth services to remote communities in NSW was successfully completed with the deployment of a VF-Cabinet and ProEX Telehealth Hub to Wanaaring.

Visionflex Maintains ISO 13485 and IEC 60601-1 Compliance

The Visionflex team is committed to designing industry-leading medical devices that are effective, elegant, easy to use, and conform to the most stringent customer and regulatory requirements. We proudly maintain a certified ISO 13485 Quality Management System through a systemic approach to risk and our devices conform to the IEC 60601 technical standards for the safety and performance of medical electrical equipment.