Probes & Accessories

More detail. More accuracy.

Exam glasses

The exam glasses become a Doctor’s eyes even when they are thousands of km’s away. The healthcare professional with the patient wears the HD glasses and the Doctor can actually see and hear what they can see and hear.

The exam glasses are fitted with a high definition camera mounted in the frame & a microphone to capture audio making the examination seamless and more intuitive.

Dental intra-oral camera - HD

The dental camera provides exceptional HD image quality of the oral cavity and integrates seamlessly with the ProEX. The camera has a slim optical head for problem free imaging of the rear molars and the ergonomic design makes the camera a pleasure to use. Automatic light control ensures perfect illumination of any area of the mouth. The camera comes with disposable hygienic sleeves for patient protection.

Endoscope camera - HD

The endoscope camera produces full HD endoscopic images in fantastic clarity and at a mere 140 grams excels in terms of size and weight. As a result, the camera is highly ergonomic and barely noticeable within the endoscopic system. Using cutting edge UVC technology, the EndoCamera can be operated without software drivers. The camera is simply connected to the ProEX via the USB2.0 port and is ready to use.

LED Light Source

The high intensity USB powered LED light source is connected directly to the ProEX with a 3 metre cable. Using an industry standard threaded coupling, the light source can be used in conjunction with any endoscope system. Producing 800 Lumen at a colour temperature of 5600 Kelvin, the LED light source ensures the perfect level of illumination for both rigid and flexible endoscopes.

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Otoscope probe

The Otoscope probe is designed to provide brilliant endoscopic images of the ear or nasal cavities, for patients ranging from small children to adults. The use of disposable speculae provides hygiene between patients

Sinus probe

The sinus probes are available in two viewing directions. Options are: 0 and 30 degrees with a 60-degree field of view. Both probes are 2.7mm in diameter and 110mm in length.

General imaging probe

The general imaging probe is used for capturing images of the oral cavity, eyes, face, nose, tonsils, cleft palates, intraoral lesions along with extremities such as hands and feet.

Dental probe

The dental probe is used for capturing intra-oral side conforming images of the dental cavity. The aperture angle of 60° ensures brilliant 3D images of 1 to 5 teeth at a magnification of up to 25x.

Dermatology probe

The dermatology probe is ideal for diagnosing and recording external skin conditions. Complete with focus adjustment, the probe can be set up for surface magnification or for viewing into cavities or wounds.

Endoscope adapter

The endoscope adapter provides a simple mechanism to connect a wide range of medical endoscopes such as Olympus, Schoelly & Storz (an external light source is required).


The hospital grade Fingertip Pulse Oximeter provides non-invasive, fast, accurate measurement for patients’ oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR). Special product design makes it more durable and more suitable for hospital use. Real-time limit indication helps doctors and nurses catch the change of patients’ vital signs on time. The Pulse Oximeter automatically synchronises with the ProEX to bring all medical data across for archiving against the patient record.

Blood Pressure

Our quick and easy Omron blood pressure monitor with Omron’s Advanced Accuracy, helps ensure consistent, precise readings and utilizes a simple one touch mode, which can store up to 14 readings at a time while still giving you an accurate reading every time you monitor. The Blood Pressure Cuff automatically synchronises with the ProEX to bring all medical data across for archiving against the patient record.

Digital Stethoscope

State-of-the-art audio technology

Designed specifically for telemedicine now you can stream heart, lung and body sounds synchronously to clinicians via the VC connection.

This high-quality stethoscope has exceptional sound quality, noise reduction and enhanced amplification.

The key is that it’s also really easy to use.

The ProEX streams audio from the digital stethoscope and saves the data under the patient ‘session’ to help you confidently and quickly assess patient’s heart, lung and body sounds.

Stethoscope audio can be replayed at any time or exported as an mp3 file.

• Seamless integration with the ProEX.
Audio amplification with FDA approved filters
Works with heart, lung, and other body sounds.
• Selectable sensitivity levels to compensate for different patient sizes.