The future of telehealth has arrived

Introducing the ProEX Telehealth Hub

Now with digital health record integration & HIPAA ready

The ProEX Telehealth Hub provides a state-of-the-art solution to the problem of remote patient imaging & diagnosis.

Whether you are a specialist monitoring patients remotely or a healthcare provider visiting patients at home, the ProEX facilitates detailed examinations in one quick and easy online consultation.

Connecting remote patients with quality healthcare

Making a remote diagnosis over large distances can be challenging and the ProEX makes this easy by providing crystal clear medical images with and outstanding resolution, even in the most remote locations.

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Our purpose

Make quality healthcare more accessible to more Australians

Much more than just video conferencing

The Visionflex ProEX goes way beyond video conferencing to allow for comprehensive medical examinations.

  • Digital Stethoscope
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure
  • Ultrasound
  • And more

For the first time you can now link seamlessly with your electronic health record system.
With vital patient information at your fingertips, healthcare professionals can now give faster, more accurate diagnosis time and time again.

Full professional examinations anywhere in the world

If there is internet available then the ProEX can be used. Typical locations could include:

• Medical Centers • Rural & Remote Communities • Nursing Homes • Aged Care Facilities • Cruise Liners • Airports • Oil Rigs & Mining Camps • Merchant Navy • Military Camps • Detention Centers • Prisons


More functionality than ever before.

The ProEX adds more functionality than ever before as it becomes a Doctor’s eyes, hands
and medical instruments.

Saving time,
money and lives.

Think about how much time and money you could save with more accurate diagnoses from remote areas.

The reduction in travel costs – to fly or not to fly – and above all the potential impact it will have on saving lives.

World class sound
and vision.

Video Conferencing technology on the ProEX allows patients and doctors to connect easily via the internet.

Remote examinations can be transmitted via a local network, broadband internet, satellite or 3G/4G/LTE using an optional interface module.

Connections can be made from the ProEX to any PC via Vidyo or to dedicated VC systems such as Cisco, Polycom or SIP clients.

Live video or data from any of the examination modes can be transmitted through these VC links with all patient identifying data removed to comply with HIPAA requirements.

  • Powerful software to maintain high image quality at all times.
  • Easy to use address book function.
  • Scheduling of calls with pop up reminders.
  • All images and data from any peripheral can be transmitted though the VC link.
  • HIPAA Compliant with all patient identifying data

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